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Volume 1

Underwater Guides
Now Available
Volume One Revisited (Part One )

The new updated and revised version of Volume One includes new dive-sites, up to date information and new photographs.

 Because of the large amount of extra information Chris has to convey, the revised book will be in two parts.

Part One is available now as a 
down-loadable e-book.
Press here  for more information and download instructions

 For Android phones and tablets, Windows devices (PCs and laptops), i-Pads and Microsoft Surface tablets.

The advantage of an e-book is that you can download updates as they become available,
at NO extra cost.

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(Latest version created 19th August 2015)

Diver Review
There was a very positive review of the e-book by Steve Weinman in the July 2015 edition of Diver Magazine.
" The writing is crisp and descriptive, and Chris Holden does what every good diving
guide authors should, which is to put himsrlf in the mind of a visiting diver and provide everything they need to know from car parking to site characteristics.
He has done the dives enough times to be uniquely equipped to rate and compare them and to make his reader's experience that much easier."

The Essential Underwater Guide
to North Wales
Volume One
Barmouth to South Stack
Chris Holden

This book is now out of print. 
We will continue to provide updates and additional information to this and other books in the series via a newsletter, as well as on this site.
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