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Volume 2

Underwater Guides

The Essential Underwater Guide
to North Wales
Volume 2
South Stack to Colwyn Bay
by Chris Holden
240 pages in colour
ISBN: 978-0-9545066-1-2

On offer at £12-00 (inc P&P)

This series of books is the result of many years of diving and observations around the seas of North Wales. Chris is passionate about the area, which is often neglected by divers, and loves passing his knowledge on.
240 pages in full colour of practical information for divers, boat-users and sea-anglers
Dive from the shore or from a boat. All dives under 30metres, and graded by suitability for learners and advanced divers.
Useful data on marine life, conservation zones, wrecks, rocks, reefs and underwater caves.
Accurate directions and GPS positions.
Echo sounder traces and panoramic photographic transits.
Latitude, Longitude and Ordnance Survey references given where appropriate.
Detailed information on launch sites, slip-ways, slack-water times and other tidal information.
Local legislation, dangers, boat charters, air-stations and dive shops.
Historical data taken directly from original newspaper reports.
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